Pump for Life Program

The MSABI Pump for Life Program has been developed over the past 4 years and aims at providing sustainable, lifelong water access to underserved communities through innovative hardware and software components. The program links our water point intervention program with active research in the view of providing solutions to the global challenge of water point sustainability.

TIn addition to the novel water point installation approach, described under the water point program section, we are piloting a number of novel approaches and systems to guarantee their sustainability.

For water point maintenance we are promoting a fee per service and a subscription based maintenance model. The novel subscription based model consists of free maintenance and repair in exchange of a monthly premium. The premium can be paid through mobile phones, making the system accessible to people in remote areas with no access to conventional banking systems. The service includes proactive and reactive maintenance visits by decentralized mechanics. Location and number of mechanics have been calculated based on the spatial distribution of water points. Their strategic position allows them to cost-efficiently serve our water points.

Currently the program has:
. Network of 16 decentralized mechanics
. 175 subscriber with 36,800 beneficiaries
. Monthly insurance premium of 10,000 -30,000 TZS($ 5-15)
. Expand to Mvomero District
. Develop MSABI into the Maintenance and Repair Service for Tanzania