Strategic & Creative Consulting Partner

Moutonco is an international marketing and strategic development consultancy that specializes in creating shared value with its partners around the globe. Moutonco has designed and developed the MSABI website you're currently viewing and furthermore manages MSABI digital marketing and social media.

Global Development Group

Australian Donations Compliance Partner 

Global Development Group (GDG) takes responsibility of the project for Australian sourced funding, according to AusAID rules providing a governance role and assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring, evaluating and auditing to ensure the projects are carried out to AusAID requirements. 

GDG is a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct, which provides standards on management, communication with the public and most importantly how funds are spent. This is an internationally recognized standard for which MSABI is held accountable through its partnership with GDG.

Ifakara Health Institute

Research and Logistics Partner 

Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) is an institute whose mission is to develop and sustain health research and resource capable of generating new knowledge for policy and action.

The IHI is collaborating with MSABI in promoting the local WASH research platform. We are using the IHI lab facilities and the organizations is providing logistic support to MSABI. 

Tanzanian Training Center for International Health

Training Partner 

The Tanzanian Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH) provides quality training facilities and services for the strengthening of human resources in Tanzania and in the international health sector. 

TTCIH helped MSABI in organizing our first international WASH training course. TTCIH was involved in providing logistic support and facilities for our training course. 

Potters for Peace

Research and Development Partner 

Potters for Peace (PFP) is a non-profit organization that has created a network of potters and relevant parties to improve quality of life and preserve tradition using local skills and materials to improve access to clean water. 

PFP helped us developing our ceramic water filter facility and assisted us in improving critical steps in our filter production. With the help of PFP we could market release a highly efficient product in mid 2012.

The Stone Family Foundation

The Stone Family Foundation supports innovative, sustainable and entrepreneurial approaches to tackling major social problems across the UK and around the world. Since September 2010, the foundation’s main focus has been on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). 


Janji is a running apparel company dedicated to fighting the global food and water crisis. Each piece of apparel they sell creates awareness of the crisis at home, while also funding partner organizations around the world aimed at improving health conditions.

Yosefo - Youth Self Employment Foundation

Established in 1996, Youth Self Employment Foundation (YOSEFO) is a Non-Govermental Organization (NGO) based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The founders of YOSEFO are professionals in microfinance, business management and employment issues and work in the private and public sector.

The Southern Highlands Participatory Organisation (SHIPO)

The Southern Highlands Participatory Organisation (SHIPO) is a Tanzanian Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in Njombe, Tanzania. SHIPO’s aim is to facilitate organized groups (e.g. communities, women groups) with the successful implementation of self-help projects that contribute to the improvement of their living standards and the alleviation of poverty."

Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN)

MSABI has joined the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) as part of our on-going commitment to improve rural water supply services and tackle rural poverty. We have agreed to the RWSN Vision and Kampala Commitments, which you can read here:


Nestlé awards the Creating Shared Value Prize to business-oriented initiatives that address challenges in nutrition, water, or rural development, to scale-up or be replicated. MSABI was a Runner-Up for the 2014 prize, one of three finalists out of a pool of 759 from 93 countries.  Learn more here: