The Pump for Life mobilization was a visit initiated with the aim of persuading water point owners to join the new maintenance system called “Pampu Kwa Maisha” (Pump for Life). About 114 water points were visited, including all water points which have already joined, and other water points which may soon join the program. Existing members were visited to ensure that payments were made on time, as well as to convince them to pay quarterly, semi annually or annually, which will save time and reduce the need to chase payments, which currently happens at MSABI’s expense.
Most of water point owners were interested in the system and promised to join, but will first have a meeting with water users to ensure support. For the water points which require minor repairs, the water point owners were able to contribute enough money to fix their water point, and some then joined to pampu Kwa maisha; see the action in picture below.
Fig1: Alphonsina Kanyeto (pump for life assistant) meeting with the community, where they agreed and started contributing towards water point repairs, and a monthly subscription

Fig2:  The water points chairperson explaining about how water point breaks, and suggesting how to raise money to get it fixed. The community has now joined the pump for life insurance system.
Fig.3 Msabi field officer sharing ideas with water point owners about methods of collecting money water point repairs and monthly subscription. The water users were excited and have already started to contribute
Fig.4 Alphonsina helped water point owners to understand contract before they sign up to join pump Kwa maisha.
Generally, the mobilization visit made the water point users excited, and it was an opportunity for MSABI to evaluate the water points and their condition. Also the Pump for Life team continued to explain the benefits of joining the program, and encouraged current member to pay their monthly subscription on time, to ensure the sustainability of their water points and ensure a constant supply of clean water to their communities.
Prepared by
Alphonsina Kanyeto
Social Marketing Assistant.