Water points handover ceremony

MSABI assistance quality assurance manager Mr Bruno Sanga was very busy this week with deliverance of certificates of completion to various water points at Kiberege and Kanyenja within Kilombero valley as the demonstrated by the figures below.

Figure 1:On the left is Mr Bruno Sanga delivering certificate to the chairperson of the water point at Kiberege .

Figure 2:Bruno (Second from left) offering some explanation on safety handling and general cleanliness of water point to the community.

Figure 3: Another water point handed over to the chairman at Kiberege

Figure 4:A woman (beneficiary) trying to pump their new water point

Figure 5:Chairperson handling certificate for official use of their water point at Kanyenja village.

Figure 6:Another water point at Kanyenja handed over to the chairman

Prepared by Bruno Sanga