Pump for Life - In Action

Pump for Life is a proactive and reactive maintenance program innovated through MSABI to develop a sustainable micro-insurance and repair service for water point and pumps within the Kilombero and Ulanga districts of Morogoro.  This has come a long way in the last 3 months since the initial training of maintenance hubs to the point of in-field application and real-time reporting of faults and pump functionality being undertaken via Visible Impact (VI).  This program has been assisted and developed significantly through contributions from the Stone Family Foundation. Fundi's or maintenance hubs are trained in the general maintenance requirements of rope pumps, fixing of spare parts and also in the use of smart phones for the delivery of real-time reporting to MSABI's water point mapper, through the VI platform.

Picture 1: This image shows a Pump for Life fundi undertaken maintenance at water-point 207, Mtukula Primary School, which has subscribed to the program for 5 years

Picture 2: This image shows a student and teacher taking water from recently repaired water point 207, Mtukula Primary School

 Picture 3: This image shows a Pump for Life Fundi undertaking real-time reporting for functionality of water-point 318 , Mwanihana Secondary School.

The ongoing primary objective of the Pump for Life program is ensure sustainable provision of water through proactive maintenance, which users may subscribe to through payment of a monthly premium.  Reactive maintenance may also be undertaken for subscribed and unsubscribed users through payment via cell phone for labour and spare parts required.  This creates and advocates ownership of these water-points, to ensure viability and clean water provision for the user's lifetime!!!!