Mkasu School Latrine is completed

490 (255 girls and 235 boys) School children are going to enjoy a new school latrine at Mkasu primary school. MSABI through AUSAID donation have successfully installed 10 toilet rooms-which have a ecological composting pit latrine design in Mkasu village located at Kiberege ward in the Kilombero District. In November 2013, the MSABI Sanitation team conducted thorough research to all schools that have sent their applications for the construction of a school latrine. Mkasu was identified to be the most in-need for a new school latrine, taking into consideration the number of children at the school and the completely broken and malfunctioning existing facility.  
composting toilet
New School Latrine, with sanitation and hygiene massages on walls to remind school children on proper use of the latrine.
This is the School latrine that was used by School children at Mkasu primary School

Ecological Sanitation is one among the technologies that MSABI is promoting to be used/adopted by rural dwellers of the Kilombero valley. The advantages of ecological sanitation include the production of low cost fertilizers for crops, protection of underground aquifers from the sealed septic tank, low cost of installation which is especially as it can be afforded by rural people here in Tanzania. 
Girls side, the first room is special room for disabled children
Boys side.
Girls changing room- for girls to have privacy and safety for changing on their menstrual cycle. As part of MSABI’s equity policy we are making more endeavors to reducing girl absenteeism at school and hope this room will help the comfort of teenage girls.
composting toilet
Rain water harvesting system installed to assist filling water in hand washing tanks during rainy season.