The TEMBO filter pot is one of the most effective and cost efficient water treatment methods especially in rural communities. Since 2012, filter pots have been introduced to the community at a low cost. It has a good impact and they are highly acceptable to communities due to its benefit and its simplicity of use.
fig 1:The external appearance of  working ceramic filter pot

fig2: TEMBO Filter in 30 litre bucket
Recently we are doing evaluation on their effectiveness on the usage procedure such as cleanness and the quality of water it produces as well as applicability of the product to householder users.
To a larger extent it has shown a great achievement, the community is following the instructions well and the impact of using water filters on health has been clearly testified by the community. Many people have reported a reduction in the prevalence of diarrhea, typhoid and other water related diseases of their family.
Fig 3:Mr, Novatus Mwangeta  taking water sample from working ceramic water filter.

Fig 4: MSABI field officer Mr. Novatus assisted by households member, taking water sample from working ceramic water filter

The TEMBO filter pot also satisfies the drinking needs of the families, and many members said the pots has reduced the time for them to prepare clean and safe water for drinking. Many households share this information with their neighbors, and report an overall benefit to large number of community.
In our evaluation, we are pairing up with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in order to complete an evaluation of the TEMBO filter in the field. We have a visiting MSc student, called Aileen Sammon, who is helping our TEMBO filter team to conduct this research. 
Fig 5: A MSc student Aileen Sammon  taking water sample.

We also hope to publish this evaluation to both the scientific community and other organizations to endorse and support ceramic filter products. Both water samples and surveys are being taken at each household visit and tested for presence of fecal coliforms in order to assess continued functionality of the water filters.
Fig 6:Aileen Sammon  process water samples taken from different households ceramic water filter for feacal coli forms test.

We will update the blog with the findings of our evaluation. 

Written by
Novatus mwangeta