After  a one month break , we are now back with our normal activities since 16 June 2014.
In the opening week MSABI as Sanitation and hygiene promoters  has joined with other stakeholders like Pamabazuko,NMB bank and government officials  at the ward level, the activity has been  done  at  Ifakara town market place.
The activity aimed at promoting cleanness to community and reminding on their responsibility in cleaning their  environment in which  they are surrounded. It also aimed to know what are the challenges that hinder the community to make the environment clean.

The  community were very happy to see  they have been remembered and the collaboration we have with them  and  leaned a lesson on how they can join hand together and make the environment also changed their perception that government leaders and stakeholders are just sitting at the office and promised to keep maintain the market clean to protect  human health.

Activity In Picture
Geoffrey Kayega  at cleanness

Sarah  Msofe and Paskalina  collecting garbage to dumping Place

Staff  removing the garbage at the  drains that are providing bad smell at the market
Staff discussing what to do at the dumping place
MSABI staff and other stake holders on together photo after the end of cleanness

Prepared by Monica Sanga
MSABI Social marketing Specialist