MSABI takes a well earned break

MSABI is officially on break until June 23rd.  Our team are taking a well deserved rest over the peak of the wet season.  We do this so our staff can refresh and so our activities in the field are timed during the dry season to maximise impact.  This year is a particularly large wet season with record rains and flooding occuring.  We expect a busy restart with a very high potential for typhoid and cholera outbreaks this year as the flood waters recede.  There is a lot of shit in the water!  Think about 80,000 people whom use pit latrines as their toilet.  Think about all that shit being released as pits become is a disturbing thought.  We are talking about 125 tonnes of shit every day being stored in pits in the town of Ifakara.  That is roughly 100,000 tonnes of shit that will potentially be released into the receiving waters (assuming pits are emptied every 2-years).  As the floods recede much of that shit settles back onto the ground and into shallow open wells.  People drink that water or children play in the dirt - and people get sick and die.  This is the reality for people living in the peri-urban township of Ifakara at the moment!

MSABI are working to reduce the impact of such flood events by doing the following:

  1. educating local communities on what the problem is and what they can do themselves to fix it
  2. safe water points - drilled to 28m to access deeper safer water
  3. filter pots - for filtration of water at home to bottle water standards
  4. promotion of sanitation technologies that separates shit from the groundwater - improving the environment and local water quality.
  5. facilitation of local service delivery businesses around the above interventions to create sustainable services owned by locals and paid for by locals.
The Kilombero River is currently in flood.  There was a newly half constructed bridge spanning the river, but it washed away.  It seems the designers made some serious error in calculating peak floods.

Roads are cut and access to villages is restricted during the wet season.  This makes it a good time for our team to take a well deserved rest and maximise our impact during the dry season.
Local boats are the best way to get around during this time.  These flood waters will last up to 2 months!
You need a heavy duty 4wd to negotiate the roads in the wet season.  Actually a tractor is preferable!  Unfortunately MSABI has neither .
    Here you can see a newly built culvert that led to the new bridge.  Somebody got their flood levels wrong...