MSABI staff participated in the Tanzanian Workers Day rally held in Ifakara on the 1st of May.

Participating in this ceremony provided an opportunity to showcase and demonstrate our activities such as the Tembo filter.  This is an important event to achieve acceptance and popularity amongst governmental officials, public figures and community.

Also the involvement of MSABI gives the government and community a picture that we are together and we aim to expand the relationship with government and society at large.

Figure 1:MSABI staff (Brown mwakalebela and Christian Bakatu at the second and third from right hand) with the ceremony torch during the rally
Figure2: MSABI staffs with workers from other institution in a tug of war competition
Figure :3 Local children demonstrate a human pyramid

Figure :4 Future BMX star
Figure 5 primary school kids showing their talents.

Figure: 6. The guest of honour Mhe. Yahya Hassan - District Administrative Secretary.
Figure7: MSABI staff listening to the speech from the guest of honour.

Figure:8 MSABI team member Christian Bakatu demonstrating the Tembo water filter pots to other workers attending the ceremony
Figure:9 showing how to clean the pots.

Figure10: explaining the process of filter pots filtration.
The ceremony ends with the dinner for the two best employee in 2013 from each institution in which from MSABI, Hija Choyo and Bruno Sanga  represented the organisation.
Novatus Mwangeta and Askinia lyambal