iWASH Extension and Multiple Use Water Service Training

Over the last week of March 2014, MSABI was invited as a key implementing partner of the Integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Consortium (iWASH) to attend a 3 day training workshop on the development of Multiple Use Water Service (MUS) with the Tanzanian WASH sector.  The workshop was attended by Ms. Sarah Msoffe, Water QA Manager and Pump for Life Manager and Mr. Jesse Godwin, Water Engineer and In Country Manager.

A brief description of MUS.....MUS approaches look to improve on 3 key areas through the improved delivery and sustainability of water services and interventions.  These areas are: Health, Livelihoods and Environment.  A key concept within MUS is that available water sources may be used for appropriate means. 

An example of MUS may mean improving access existing water sources such non-potable or potentially contaminated open wells or surface water sources for the purposes of livestock watering or crop irrigation.  This alleviates other constrained potable sources for the purposes of human consumption, washing and other domestic uses.  This further improves health outcomes associated with WASH, whereas developed sources for livestock and crop production improves environmental and livelihood outcomes.  More information on MUS-approaches can be found online by visiting: 

Local partners provided brief presentations on previously accomplished objectives under the iWASH consortium and MSABI was also able to develop and deliver a brief presentation on various concepts and potential applications of MUS through water interventions.

Picture 1: Sarah Msoffe delivers presentation on MSABI, previous successes and sub-projects and potential objectives under iWASH-Phase 2.

Picture 2: Jesse Godwin delivers a presentation to the group as part of an activity  undertaken during the workshop. 

During this training workshop, MSABI was also confirmed as a implementing partner within the recently approved iWASH consortium extension, iWASH-Phase 2, injecting always much needed funds into our organisation for the purposes of developing further WASH projects within our operational area of Kilombero and Ulanga districts.  This work will look to further deliver on the objectives achieved within the first iWASH consortium, promoting clean water access and sustainability for improved health, livelihoods and environmental outcomes.

MSABI would like to thank Winrock International for facilitating the event, all our other esteemed partners for a great learning experience and looks forward with great anticipation to delivering on MUS projects within the coming 12 months.  

Ahsante sana.