The innovative idea of using submersible pump has  brought great change in Water point project
Previously  it was difficult to get exactly amount of water in an hour which influence the team to look for the alternative,Where the idea of using submersible pump emerged.
The submersible pump has shown a great result which simplify work done but also  ensure clean water for a very short time of about 2 hours. In previous it was taking  8 to 12 hours to get clean water.
With this can help the team to conduct more pump test per day and hence serve time and also help to  get exactly amount of water extracted per hour, It also help the driller to reduce time of work and simplification of work.
In other villages where there is no electricity we have decided to use generator  to accomplish  the tasks.
With this innovation we expect to have  more client of water point since it attract by knowing MSABI give clean and  safe water for multiple use.
See the Impact in pictures

The drillers inserting gravel pack into the bore hole                            
drillers connecting submersible pump

few minutes after the setting the submersible pump,The community enjoying clean and safe water

Neighbours celebrating submersible pump by washing their car
Prepared by Bruno Sanga and Monica Sanga