Wet season arrival in the Kilombero Valley

The wet season is in full swing in Tanzania.  In the Kilombero Valley many of the roads are becoming impassable.  MSABI will have an office shut down in the month of May to give our staff a break and prepare for the coming 2014 dry season.  It is a good month to refresh as many of our field sites are inaccessible and many community members are our working on their farms.

The truck on the right has a detached chassis.  The truck on the left is axle deep in mud.  This is the main road down the valley from Ifakara to Chita.  This photo was taken a few weeks ago at the start of the rains....

Many roads become difficult to recognize with the rains assisting in a jungle take-over.  This is MSABI founder Dale Young on one of our motorbikes deep in the bush behind Mbingu.

The Kilombero River is on the rise.  You can see the long awaited new bridge being built on the right.  This bridge built by Chinese contractors is going to open up the Ulanga District.  It will bring a big positive change for the whole region.