Press Release – Lauren D’Mello Guyett joins the MSABI team

Lauren D'Mello Guyett is a public health researcher, and she has now been volunteering with MSABI for just over 10 months. She originally came from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on a research grant to look at sanitation across Tanzania, and MSABI were her research collaborators..

“I had to wait for almost 6 months for any in-country ethical approval before I could start, so whilst waiting I started volunteering my time for MSABI. It was always more my aim to be on the implementation side of development rather than research, and this was a great opportunity to really get involved in the work MSABI do.”

Over the past 10 months Lauren has been a volunteer member of the MSABI sanitation team. Key tasks have included school sanitation design, development of systems for sanitation evaluations, and the formation and implementation of school SWASH clubs.  She has also helped with the MSABI Tembo filter marketing campaign.

Lauren is as a scientist, with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Public Health in Developing Countries. In the past she has worked with both NGOs and research institutions in Nepal, Malawi, Cambodia and in the UK on various public health topics including malaria in pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, sexual health, vaccination campaigns and malnutrition. But over the last two years she has developed a select interest in WASH.

“MSABI are a perfect fit as they have a winning combination of research and implementation – researching best practice and formulating new ideas to pilot and validate here in the Kilombero.”

MSABI managing Director had this to say about Lauren:
“Lauren’s contribution to MSABI have been significant.  She has shown ingenuity, initiative, self-reliance and leadership.  She is well respected within the team.  And as such, the MSABI team are very pleased to announce that Lauren will join the team on a 12-month paid contract starting from March 2014.

Lauren’s official role will be Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator. It is a role she designed for herself!  This goes to show that with motivation and hard work you can create and drive your own destiny!  The MSABI team are looking forward to hosting Lauren and joining forces to make positive change over the next 12-months!

Sanitation specialist Lauren D'Mellow Guyett on the right with MSABI accountant Geoffrey Kayega on the left.  After 10 months volunteering Lauren has been offered a 12-month employment contract with MSABI to join our sanitation team and build market based approaches to sanitation and hygiene.