Hi friends!
I'm Geoffrey working as an accountant at MSABI. Since last year Accounting and Finance department have tried much to innovate the accounting system ( Gnu cash ).Before July Gnu cash was utilised basing on sub projects reports but from July up to December last year new Gnu cash was established with utilisation of cost centres which makes easy reporting to donor funded projects.

See figure 1 below

Figure 1:shows utilization of Gnu cash basing on subprojects ( e.g. Core, local management, interventions ,research and training) as shown above on expenses.

Due to introduction of cost centres Accounting department utilises cost centres while subprojects became as sub accounts within the cost centres as shown below in figure 2 and 3.

Figure 2:Shows the utilization of Gnu cash basing on cost centres e.g PM-IM ,PMO, AusAID 13/14...... etc.

 Figure 3:Above shows subprojects as sub account within a cost centres e.g.Cost centre AusAID-subprojects intervention water, sanitation ....etc