MSABI is now constructing the urine diverting dry toilet (UDDT) for Mkasu primary school located Mkasu village, Kiberege Ward Lat. 08.039925, Long. 036.906983. This is the second school UDDT to be built and the second in the Kilombero valley. Mkasu Primary school was selected after evaluation of five schools which applied for a latrine from MSABI.

The project began September 2013 with community mobilization where the community meetings were held with district educational officers, village leaders, school committee and parents. The meeting aimed at letting all stakeholders understands the details of the project and MSABI terms. From those meetings school construction committee was selected by the community, UDDT was preferred option by the parents against pourflush toilet and contribution per household was determined. The construction committee sensitized all household to contribute as it was agreed in their village meeting. It took two month to have community contribution on site.

Plan view of the CAD drawing showing girls and boys blocks

Eng. Jesse Godwin together with the sanitation team designed the girls and boys latrine block with five rooms each. In each block there is provision of latrine rooms for disabled. Site investigation was conducted to determine general site characteristics, site position, soil profile and site / project recommendations were given in the report.

Sanitation field manager Benedict Mgubike drilling with the auger bit during site investigation.

Lead Mason Stansalaus Nyagasi trained other mason on the UDDT design, cleared and prepared the site for latrine construction. The fourth week of January 2014 the construction of the substructure for both blocks began with the excavation for the foundation.

Masons setting for the foundation

The construction of substructure involved vaults and privacy walls and reinforced concrete column. After 10days the main slabs have been casted on both blocks.

Substructure walls before casting the foundation columns.

Preparation of formworks for casting foundation columns
Currently we are waiting the slab to be cured and continue with the construction of superstructure and roofing.

Reinforcement of the main slab on the boys block

Boys block main slab casting

Thanks to AuSAID 524 pupils of Mkasu (269 girls and 255 boys) will have access to improved latrine and hand washing facilities that will provide compost in the coming time. We look forward to increase coverage and access of improved latrine in Kilombero valley.

Prepared by Ismail Habib

Sanitation project team leader