KIBEREGE DAY 2014 - MSABI opens a new office in Kiberege

MSABI is pleased to announce we have opened a new community office in the village of Kiberege.

Kiberge is 35km from Ifakara where our main office is located.  The new Kiberege office opens opportunities to better engage the local community from that area.  MSABI has worked closely with the Kiberege Ward over the past 12 months installing over 30 new water points - many for remote and marginalized and under-served Masaii and Sukuma communities.  Some of these water points are over 30km from the nearest road on the border with the Selou Game Reserve.  Over the next 12 months the office will serve as a local hub whereby community members from a catchment area of 100km2 will be able access MSABI services and place orders.  The office will also serve to increase awareness of water, sanitation and hygiene issues and promote market based services such as water points, household latrines, water filters and other hygiene products such as soap and dental care.

The  day was celebrated by different entertainment like Ngoma (drums), educational drama performances, music and a community football match between MSABI/Kiberege and the nearby village of Margareza. 

The day was organised entirely by the MSABI Tanzanian team and was a lovely surprise for the visiting MSABI managers Dale Young and Nik Holbro.  The MSABI team also had the opportunity to undertake house to house visits in the main village for the purpose of raising the awareness and creating demand to adopt the MSABI technologies.  In just a few short hours the team sold over 10 filters, signed up 2 water points and had requests for 4 household latrines - all services paid for by the community.

Kiberege ward councilor signing the guest book during the day
Kiberege Ward councilor  giving speech to community during the openning day

If you are driving on the main road to Ifakara you may notice a sign directing you to our new MSABI community office in Kiberege village.  This office will serve a population catchment over 100 square kilometers and more than 50,000 people living in remote, under-served rural areas.
This is the MSABI Kiberege drama team.  They use traditional Ngoma (drums)  and lively music and dance theatre to educate the community on water, sanitation and hygiene messages.   
In the morning MSABI staff visited houses in Kiberege village informing them of our new office and educating them on our program activities.  The team also sold a number of filters and signed up families in need of a water point and/or household latrine.  MSABI provides these services on a demand basis.  If a household or group would like service they enter into a contact and pay.  The community are prepared to pay for valued services.  Previously such services were unavailable and people had to rely on finding water by digging shallow holes or digging a simple pit for a toilet.   
MSABI Program Manager Dr Nik Holbro on the left with MSABI founder Dale Young on the right.  Both Nik and Dale were super impressed with the organisation and passion shown by the local team in establishing a new office and organizing the opening ceremony activities.  They are confident the local team is well on the way to managing all aspects of the program in the future.

The dancing during the event was a highlight.  A local dance contest was held for the children.
Staff in together photo during the opening ceremony event