Workshop on Households water Treatment Solution Done in Morogoro

The workshop were hosted by NIMR,MoHSW and safe water projects and stakeholders.

It was done on 10th to 12th  February 2014.

The objectives of the workshop was to share and plan the  National safe water activity with the aim of getting a comprehensive document with the imputs from all WASH stakeholders and shared experiences.

It has been participated from National institute for medical reseach namely Julius J Massaga, TAW namely Stephen Kiberit,environmental Education & school water sanitation and hygiene Coordinator namely Theresia kuiwite,Regional medical Officer namely Carle Lyimo and other WASH stakeholders representatives from MSABI,iWASH,Shipo,Wasteraid and others.
Presentation from different stakeholders on their projects were done with the respective representatives followed by NIMR presenting the initial Comprehensive plan to the representative for discussion.

MSABI got chance to present on The TEMBO filter Overview, Marketing strategies,and how it operate as well as the experience have on the Social Marketing of WASH products like TEMBO filter

The workshop ended by having a clear and shared  shared inputs to make a document which will  be submitted to the respective Ministry for approval with the objective of improving water treatment solutions  at the household level and making it to be  sustainable.

Activity in Picture

The opening speech from MoHSW a (Middle)  namely stephen Kiberiti, ,Right is the RMO morogoro region,Left is the NIMR Director


Msabi representative(Monica sanga) presentation on The ceramic TEMBO FILTER to participant

Differnt households water treatment solution Which are currently used by  the community
prepared by Bruno and Monica Sanga