Msabi WASH training

On 13th of February 2014 Msabi sanitation team conducted initial training to teachers who are going to be patrons /Matrons of School WASH Clubs. The training involves 8 primary schools and 1 secondary school. The purpose of the training was to empower teachers with technical skills on how they can form a strong and sustainable School WASH Clubs, review and discussion on newly developed School WASH Manual and also thorough discussion on the challenges that currently are in place and at any time may act as obstacles toward success of this WASH clubs.
Figure 1: Members who participated on School WASH Training at MSABI head office Ifakara.
School WASH clubs is going to be very important tool towards positive behaviour changes among School children at schools and outside the school campus, for example hand washing behaviour as it intend to adopt Child to child approach and teachers will be there to facilitate and push some few components at the start for example filling water tanks, environmental and class cleanliness.
Figure 2: The front cover of School WASH Manual (Swahili version) as it displays the massages on hand washing with soap (the small images at the bottom on left side). The content of the manual tackle almost every aspect of the school WASH clubs activities- Although teachers were requested to be creative and develop more other activities for the WASH club to be more attractive to school children.  
Figure 3: Round Table discussion, teachers discussing the School WASH Manual together.
Figure 3: Round Table discussion, teachers discussing the School WASH Manual together.
Later after was a presentation time, were each group got a chance to present what they have discussed. These teachers bring up very interesting new ideas for example to make School WASH clubs more strong some subject that are related to WASH activities should be included as one among the icon for members to study in extra time.
Figure 5: Members following presentation from Mr Kinanguka on organization structure of the School WASH club.
Figure 6: Training facilitator- Mr Benedict (MSABI sanitation field manager) elaborating something on hot discussion that rises soon after presentation on the challenges and their immediate solutions.
To wind up, the training went well, a lot of new ideas came up especially on how this school WASH programme will be implemented in different schools as we all know challenges that school government has, for example fixed time table, inadequate number of teachers, poor infrastructures, lack of commitments among pointed teachers and the more troubling thing -lack of community support as we regards they are primary stakeholder for improvement and development of these school at the village level.
igure 7: Participants with smile soon after finishing their training.