Education program summary responsibilities done in 2013

Education program based in Mobilization team have reached/ educated 13,519 people in Ulanga and part of Kilombero district especially at Malinyi, Mtimbila, Itete, Lupilo and Mang’ula.The Education message delivered to the Communities was based on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).The Education was done  by visiting water point to water point  or House to house.

The Education delivered have brought several achievements  to the communities such as  Rope pump installation, Access to Watertreatment method that is Tembo filter pots.

Figures: Communities paid attention listening to the Educator in three different Meetings held in Malinyi, Mtimbira and Itete division.


Figures: These two open wells are one of the Water points Mobilization team visited and found communities drinking this water without Treating so mobilization team explain to them the way of treating water by using Tembo filter pot as we see in picture number three.


Figure 3: The above pictures shows how Water is a problem in Lupilo- Ulanga whereby the communities loses much of their time for fetching Water.