Tembo filter is a ceramic water purifier that gives clean and safe water.It has been designed for home and office use.The Tembo filter help to reduce cost and time for preparing drinking water, it also gives pure water, it give enough water compared to other means about 100 lts per day, it also reduce cost of buying bottled water and boiling or other means of treating water.Tembo filter is now having a year and 4 month's since the start of sales.It was saved near by Ifakara villages, Now the market has started to expand to all districts and different region of Tanzania.
The marketing team has been preparing the three year marketing plan for Tembo filter  product. The vision of the plan  is to  create a sustainable and independent business with a constant increase in sales to enhance accessibility of community to clean and safe water, ensuring improved health while promoting sustainable livelihood ,employment and economic gain to marginalized and vulnerable people.

The team preparing the marketing plan

The sales have been very slow at first due to some mistakes in Marketing and minimal awareness of the product to the community.Currently the sales has been increasing from average of 10  per month during January to July to  90 October to date.This has been achieved due to improvement and innovations of new marketing strategies and techniques.

                                                         Performance today-Sales Methods

Strategies-Projected Sales

 Prepared by 
                      Bruno Sanga
                      Filter pot  and Quality Assurance manager