Kiberege Primary School Handover: November 2013

On Monday 22nd November 2013, the MSABI sanitation team handed over the Kiberege Primary School latrine; the first school composting latrine to be built within Kilombero valley. Using a participatory approach, the community contributed 25% of funds and raw materials to the project, these included locally available materials such as bricks, sand and gravel. The remaining 75% was funded by AUSAID.
The Kiberege chancellor, Village chairman, Chairman of school committee, school teachers, parents, students and MSABI sanitation program manager altogether for a photo after the latrine handover.

The handover ceremony was attended by the ward leader, village and school leaders, village chairman and executive officer, school construction committee, school warden, chairman of school committee, parents and the pupils. The guest of honour was Ward Chancellor Hon.
The chairman of school committee opening the Kiberege school latrine handover ceremony 

The ward and village leaders together with parents were pleased and thankful for the composting school latrine built by MSABI and requested to have more community sanitation and hygiene programmes
The Kiberege Ward Chancellor in a white suit, Hon. Ramadhani Makung’uto, looking at the first composting toilet to be built in Kilombero Valley.
The sanitation program manager read the expenditure made MSABI on the project and took this opportunity to sensitize and educate the community on the importance of the latrine and hand washing in reducing diarrhoeal diseases. It was also a great opportunity to discuss the uses and benefits of ecological sanitation, especially for the predominantly rural agricultural community of Kiberege.
Sanitation Programme Manager, Ismail Habib, reading the expenditure made by MSABI on the school composting latrine project.
Despite having some issues during construction, the MSABI Team and Sanitation Programme Manager appreciated and acknowledged the Kiberege community contribution especially the parents of the students and the village government leaders for their tireless work to ensure that the children have high quality WASH systems that include a water point, latrine and hand washing facilities.
Students and members of school WASH club showing parents how to use the composting latrine.

Finally the toilet was handled over to the school and to the village! The next steps will involve establishing a School WASH club to orientate all the students to the ecological sanitation design, play games and do activities about WASH issues and sensitize them to ecological sanitation technologies.
MSABI Sanitation Programme Manager handing over the latrine to the Chairman of School construction committee and village chairman.

Prepared by Ismail Habib
MSABI Sanitation Programme Manager