Tembo filter is a locally made filter aimed to meet the need of the community at the house hold level making them drinking  safe and clean water at their residence
The Marketing department has been looking for an opportunity for market penetration and came up to realize there is a big market to school teachers  who seem to be a good agent for change since they  have along chain of communicating with other teachers, student, parent and community at all.
This has been used as atrial to Ifakara schools and later it glows up to the neighbouring villages, the purpose was  widen the awareness and increase sales of the tembo filters product.
Teachers are the good agent for positive  change in a community.We expect the information will be flowing day  after day and expand our market for tembo filter and other products of MSABI
For one month now we managed to sell more than fifty filters and we have order of more than 30 filters to school teachers . We are using both modal paymentwhich is cash and installment mode  to schools, prison staffs,health centre,social groups such as vicoba and government departments with the guarantee of their heads of their department.

The presentation of filter pot at Lupilo village to Yosefo credit members and the  nearby  community members
The school teachers picking their Tembo filters after arriving with the motorcycle

The  school teacher asking questions for clarity before start using the Tembo filter at Kichangani primary school

Prepared by;
Monica Sanga
Social Marketing specialist and Administration Assistant