msabi-share sanitation survey at kiberege village

Along with many other functions msabi sanitation team is now conducting research on the use of improved latrines and how these latrines protect users from fecal related diseases and diarrhea.
Among the villages that will be included on this research include Kiberege, Namwawala, Kibaoni Signal and Idete. The research includes toilets and toilets users,for instance when the user did wash his/her hands in side the toilet after toilet visit, hygienically it is recommended that a person must wash his/her hands outside the latrine block, this is purposely done to reduce the possibility of contaminating him/her self and others as well.
Field Manager Mr Benedict Mgubike interviewing house hold representative at Mkasu-Kiberege ward, at the back ground are other household members making follow up on the conversations.                   

For example,many school latrines have hand washing tanks just beside the latrine block,so that user can immediately wash their hands after using the toilets. On the other side many households latrines does not have hand washing tanks outside the latrine block for washing their hands(Tip tap), especially in rural areas where many diarrhea diseases have been taking place regularly.

Research supervisor Mr Novatus Mwangete at the field interviewing respondents from Mkasu-Kiberege.

Among of the parts that we take samples are on footrests and the lock part or handles that the user will touch for closing or opening the door, those places are important because if a person wash his/her hands but the cells of feces remained on hands he/she will also left them on lock or handle, thus causing another user to be contaminated, therefore if you have a tank for hand washing outside the latrine block, then the user will be left with the waste and take it to wherever he goes, and spread over.

Sample collection at footrest (composting toilet)

sample collection at handle and rock.

Mr Benedict Mgubike collecting samples at footrest inside the latrine.