Completion and Handover of English Family Foundation donated Water Points

In Early September this year, MSABI welcomed the donation of funds for 9 new safe water-points installations through the English Family Foundation (go to:  The English Family Foundation is a Queensland-based philanthropic foundation which endeavours through its developing country grants scheme to restore, support and enhance basic human rights, welfare and dignity.  This is the first grant that has been provided to MSABI through the Foundation and has been highly successful in its implementation by MSABI and more importantly, in the reception and ownership through the community.  Through the end of October and the start of November, MSABI commenced handing these newly constructed water-points over to the community clients.

 Picture 1. Final QA process and inspection of borehole and rope pump undertaken with owner

This process has been tracked along the way with regular updates by the MSABI team on the net‑based interactive project viewing platform, Visible Impact (.  Use of this platform allows for the transparent depiction of project stages to donors and is in its final stages of Alpha testing for greater coverage of not only MSABI’s water interventions, but also education, sanitation and research programs.

Picture 2. Owners inspecting their borehole and rope pump

In total, these water points will provide sustainable clean and available water to a cumulative population of approximately 1000 to 200 people, with 140 people on average benefiting from each of the new water point installations.  This in turn will reduce the hours required for collection of water by households, advance health care within the community and improve household sanitation.  A big success paralleling this achievement is the involvement of the receiving community.  It is a well-documented fact that if community involvement is neglected within the design and implementation of interventions approximately 50% of them will fail (source:, “Water Facts - Economics”).  All receiving communities have signed up to benefit from the MSABI micro-insurance plan, Pump For Life, ensuring the sustainability and advantages of improved water accessibility to each village group for years to come.

A very heartfelt “Asante Sana” to all parties involved and the English Family Foundation.  We look forward to hopefully doing more work with you in the future.

 Picture 3. Water Intervention QA Manager, Sarah Msoffe, presents certificate of ownership to happy customers