The mobilization team was in Ulanga district for three and half months. This is since July to middle October. The team was going water point to water and in other areas we were going house to house educating and introducing what Msabi is doing in general.
This is the first time Msabi mobilization team to visit Ulanga district, because this many communities were interested on what we were educating them especially in areas that listed bellow:
Ø  Malinyi
Ø  Mtimbira
Ø  Itete
Ø  Lupilo
In these areas that we have  visited, most of the communities are using water from open wells and they are treating at all. So we introduce a new way of treating water by Tembo Filters. For sure so many communities likes the filter and many of them buy it.
The mobilisation team also manage to educate 11,322 people in all the above areas that they visitedwhere by 4,372 were male, 4,812 were female and 2,138 were childrens. Bellow are some of the pictures open wells that communities are using in drinking and pictures for eeducation presentation.
open well used by the community in Malinyi village

Open well saving about 100 community member in Itete village

The open well  used by  the community for drinking water
Mobilization presentation from the educators in the field
Another well used for fetching water for drinking by the community in Mtimbira village