MSABI Presentation on 3rd IWA Development Congress and Exhibition Nairobi - Kenya

MSABI participated fully on the 3rd IWA congress held in Nairobi Kenya 14th to 17th October this year. The theme for this year's congress was Catalysing Urban Water Transitions. More than 1000 delegates from more than 90 countries convened for this year event. The congress was a very useful link to engage and share information with different stakeholder. It was also a great opportunity to showcase different organization results  on WASH and create partnership with other organization.

In this congress MSABI made two presentation on the Category of Optimising Service Delivery for Universal Access with theme of Small Scale Sustainable Water Supply Systems.
The first presentation was on Micro-insurance systems for improved operational and functional sustainability of water points, "Pump for Life" made by Hija Choyo. The essence of this presentation is to thorough and creatively build new insurance mechanism that increases sustainability of water points at affordable community cost. The system guarantees free service of spare parts and labour for broken pump to community water points (currently only rope pumps) at exchange of affordable monthly premium of TZS 6,000 ~USD 4. The scheme has proved to be solution especially from the prototype results of school water points tested.

Mr Hija Choyo on presentation "Micro-insurance systems"
Mr Hija Choyo explaining the Micro-insurance "Pump for Life Model"

Audience listening to presenter Mr Hija Choyo
Also MSABI participated on the poster presentation.
Dr. Jacqueline Thomas illustrating to participants on the MSABI poster which checked on the water quality and sanitary survey to uptake safe water and sanitation in Namawala".

Dr Jacqueline Thomas on poster presentation


 The second presentation was on Leading Change -  creating a sustainable ceramic filter pot business in the Kilombero valley. This presentation was made by our Research Subproject Senior scientist Dr. Jacqueline Thomas. Ceramic filters is one of household water treatment product researched and developed by MSABI. These filters has proved to be among best water treatment utensil in the household. You will not need fuel or waiting time than pouring water in the filter which will give an average of 2-3 litres or safe water per hour.

MSABI is aiming at spinning this business off to local women group called UPENDO. Aim is to created viable and sustainable local business and stimulate local economy.

Dr. Jacqueline Thomas presenting on Leading Change-creating sustainable ceramic filter pot business
The Congress ended by closing gala dinner and technical tour on the 18th.
The technical tour was to Thika Dam, where the city of Nairobi and the Nairobi Water Company gets its main share of water supplied in Nairobi city.

Technical tour to Thika Dam with the Nairobi Water Utility
 MSABI congratulates IWA for its fantastic organization of 3rd Congress and looks forward to participating and engaging more in future.