MSABI attends the Nane Nane exhibition in Morogoro

The first week of august in each year is a farmer’s week, an event to showcase Tanzanian products and focus on empowering and developing farmers capacity.  MSABI attended a large regional event in Morogoro to demonstrate our Tembo water filter. 

The theme of the event was Producing agriculture crops and livestock to meet the market demand (Kililmo Kwanza zalisha mazao ya Kilimo na mifugo kulenga mahitaji ya soko)

The guest of honor was Joel Bendela who is the Regional commissioner. The event included entertainment and demonstrations of different products from all the districts in Morogoro Region.

The filter pot product has a capacity to clean and make water very clear by filtering out suspended solids, bacteria and some color.  Laboratory tests have shown the filter to consistently remove greater than 99.8%of all bacteria.  The product helps in minimizing the cost of boiling drinking water and the time for preparation (when water boils and then has to cool for drinking).