Namawala WASH Week 2013: Other highlights and photos!

The Sanitation Team were quite busy all week, and unfortunately we didn't get much opportunity to spend time with the other teams! But we did get to see some of their activities and wanted to share a few stories and photos from the activities we did get to see!

District Executive Director Visits
We were very fortunate to receive a visit from the District Executive Director, Madame Mbilinyi. We were not only able to show her the water and sanitation facilities in and around Namawala but she also joined us to see a drama show held at the local Primary School depicting the hazards of unsafe water and the promotion of the TEMBO Water Filter; and she was very impressed with our award winning poster comparing unsafe open wells to boreholes presented to her by the research team.
The District Executive Director visits and receives her own TEMBO filter pot
Marketing/Filter Pot Team
A great effort was seen from the Filter Pot Team with their promotion of the TEMBO Water Filter! They worked hand in hand with the Drama Team to promote safe household water treatment using the TEMBO filter, and entertained the crowds all week with music, dancing and drama. It was great to see! 

Filter Pot Marketing Team at the Namawala crossroads

Martha handing out flyers to promote TEMBO filters, Pump for Life (Water Point Maintenance), Sanitation construction and Water Point Installation. Martha is also a very gifted member of the Drama Team.

Filter Pot Marketing with dancing children
Radio Campaign
For the duration of the week, we had Goodluck from Pambazuko Radio Station with us! And he was on everyday promoting and discussing MSABI activities and really talking to both the Namawala and whole Kilombero community about our work and how we can help.

Here he is interviewing Ismail R Habib, our Sanitation Programme Manager, about toilets and what amazing things you can do with compost! With support from Fatuma (MSABI Research and Lab Assistant) to explain the benefits of human fertilizer and the safety of its use.
Research and Lab Team
The Research and Lab Team had a very busy week! Here you can see them with their “al fresco lab” and sterilization of all their equipment! It was so impressive to see them with smiles and limited equipment produce such amazing results. They totally deserved to be voted “Best Team” in this year’s WASH Week!
Research Team in action!

They can work in any condition! What a winning team!
Football Match

And finally to end the week, we couldn’t miss out on the Namawala B Team versus MSABI football match! Of course…we lost! But it was a great match and a great way to consolidate our presence in Namawala and enjoy hanging out with the community!
A tired team getting advice from the MSABI Team coach

Team photo at half time...with hundred of children shouting "MSABI, MSABI, MSABI"!

Namawala B! 

Presenting the team with a football and pair of football boots from Hija. 

What a way to end Namawala WASH Week 2013!