MSABI Water-points, Drilling and Pump for Life: Namawala Week and Intrduction of New Team Members

Namawala Week was an extra-ordinary experience, speaking on behalf of the newcomers who have recently been a part of the MSABI organisation and enveloped within the larger MSABI team. Through conducting visits for some of the sites in which MSABI was first active, where the community has a long experience of working alongside MSABI, the benefits that have been achieved through this long-term community integration are very noticeable.  MSABI teams for sanitation, water point quality, drilling, research, education and drama were all extremely active and busy in undertaking daily activities within the community, including but by no means limited to:
  • Undertaking detailed site inspections and surveys (water-points and sanitation) within the community for market-base research and intervention management;
  • Initiating the demand for further open well conversions and investigating construciton techniques;
  • Conducting water quality training and hydrogen sulfide water test demonstrations;
  • Radio interviews;
  • Marketing and retailing of Tembo Filter pots; and
  • Community education drama performances and education demonstrations.
The week was regarded across the community and within MSABI as a success and finalised with a football match, in which a valiant MSABI where soundly defeated by a very skillful Namawala team, 3-0.

Further to the success of Namawal week, MSABI recently received funding for a further 9 water point installation, courtesy of the English family Foundation (  Construction has commenced on 2 of these waterpoints which are being tracked on Visible Impact (

Last but not least, in this quater period MSABI welcomed 2 volunteer engineers into the fold: Bobby Baker and Jesse Godwin.  Good to be part of the team!

 Photo 1 - Set up for water point construction in Kisawasawa, for the English Family Foundation

 Photo 2 - Drill rig set up for water point construction in Kisawasawa, for the English Family Foundation

 Photo 3 - Engineer Bobby Baker

Photo 4 - Engineer Jesse Godwin