Msabi social marketiing in Namwawala week

The week was very interesting and experiential to the marketing department and Msabi at all, hit was a full package of MSABI awareness creation to the village of Namwawala which was of a great success to Msabi. The department was going house to house sensitization on it we were introducing the Msabi and what the Msabi is doing and the reality regarding  the quality of  Water that the community is  using. This has made us easy penetration and acceptability of the community toward the Msabi.
It was also done by demonstrating at the center of the village like stand, junction area as well as showing Movies to the meeting area known as Tazara and in Namwawala School. The movie has been done by mixing the Msabi activities presentation so as to easy capture the attention from the community. Also it we had a big football match between Msabi team and the village team aiming at socializing with the Namwawala community
 On the week we made a sale of Sixteen Filter pots during the Namwawala week and the neighboring villages. With this they can be as an ambassador to their neighbors and create more demand of filter pot in future.

Actions in picture

The drama team performing during the event

The  Social marketing specialist( Monica Sanga) presenting to  the community at the market place

Number of people wondering on the filter pot product and its function

The community members amazing     clean and good test of water from Tembo filter.