MSABI Namawala Water Week - Pump for Life - Sustainable Proactive Maintenance

The MSABI pump for life team undertook an evaluation of all MSABI water points during the Namawala water week.  The aim was to monitor the functionality and status of pumps in the field that are up to 4 years old.  Further, the team informed owners about MSABI's new pump for life micro-insurance program - whereby owners pay TZS 6,000 (USD 4) per month in return for replacement of spare parts and service should the pump break.  A new addition to this service is to include a proactive visit every 2 weeks to assess the pump condition, order any parts and do a basic service and clean. 

Training has been undertaken to technicians located across village hubs through-out the Kilombero Valley.

During water week the team visited 16 water points and 9 clients were interested to join the pump for life program. Client follow ups will made again on the 30th September.
Head Quality Assurance Manager - Sarah Msoffe fixing a minor problem at Chiwachiwa Primary School - a school not currently subscribed to Pump for Life.  Over time we have seen that schools are particularly bad at maintaining their water points.  Its seems counter-intuitive, but in effect there is little ownership over assets by school management - which often changes annually.  All new MSABI school water points must agree to the MSABI Pump for Life program before we will commence work.  To date we have over 25 schools subscribed and it has resulted in a marked improvement in terms of functionality and appearance.  The Chiwachiwa School have agreed to join the program as they are an isolated school and have had ongoing struggles to keep their water point in good condition.

Inspection of a pump at Londo Primary school

Water point at Vigaeni Primary School - The school has agreed to join Pump for Life program.  As part of the agreement MSABI will undertake minor repairs and renovation of the apron - with the aim of ensuring the water point looks like new for years to come under the insurance program.
Prepared by Hija* and Sarah