MSABI filter pots preventing Typhoid - research team findings from Namawala week!

During Namawala week the research team conducted over 65 water quality tests for the community. One story stands out: a Sukuma family who lived just on the edges of Namawala township. The family only has access to water from a very dirty shallow open well. About one year ago the mother of the family contracted Typhoid Fever. She was very ill and had to be taken to the closest hospital - 36 km away in Ifakara. She stayed in hospital for 7 days on a drip. She recovered but her medical expenses were more than TZS 100 000 (~ $US60). Their children have also had Typhoid Fever before. A huge amount of money for a farming family who's monthly earnings average TZS 100 000. The doctors determined that their well water was the likely source of the infection. The father of the family sort information on how to treat his water to make it safe for his family. He was informed about MSABI filter pots. He bought two and transported them back to Namawala from Ifakara. He insisted that his family only use the filter pot water for drinking.

Fatuma Matwewe (MSABI lab technician) teaches the family how to perform the hydrogen sulphide water quality tests.
The mother of the family testing her filter pot water. All tests are performed by the households.
The mother and grandmother observing the results from the tests.
 The MSABI research team taught the family how to test the filter pots water to determine how well they were working.
The open well water was clearly contaminated - positive black result for the hydrogen sulphide test. But both filter pots successfully removed faecal orgin bacteria and gave clear results. This is even after one whole year of use with very dirty water. 
With a small investment (two filter pots at TZS 25 000 each) this family now has safe water to drink. No longer do they have life threatening and expensive Typhoid infections. A great example of how effective MSABI filter pots can be!
Open well water on far left - positive for faecal contamination (black colour). Bottled water on far right - negative (yellow media colour). Two filter pot samples in the centre - both negative!!!
Thanks to the other MSABI teams for voting for the research team as best team during Namawala week. Fatuma and I are very happy that our work is so beneficial and appreciated.  From left: Mr Benedict Snr (Board), Ms Fatuma Matwewe (Lab technician), Dr Jacquie Thomas (Research) and Mr Dale Young (Director).