Hydrogen Sulphide Water Qaulity Test Research and Community Training

The hydrogen sulphide test is a qualitative test which can be used to identify hydrogen sulphide producing organisms including feacal coliforms. The test is cheap (USD 50c) and it can be performed in the field. MSABI performed a survey to see if the test can be used to community. The survey was conducted at Idete village and it included ten households. During the survey household members were trained to perform the test. Training was performed by MSABI laboratory technician (Ms Fatuma Matwewe) under  supervision of  Dr Jacquie Tomas.
MSABI laboratory technician fill out a questionnaire with Idete households members

MSABI laboratory technician Fatuma explaining the test to Idete household members

One of the water sources tested during survey

MSABI laboratory technician demonstrating the test to the household members

 One of the household members undertaking their own water test

Appearance of the test before bacteria growth . The test can be incubated at room temperature.