My name is Novatus Mwangeta , working with MSABI as Tembo filter marketing manager.  I am working closely with Bruno Sanga (filter pots production manager).  Today we are very interested to explain to you, our dear friends, about our new packaging system for filter pots.  This process allows us to transport filter pots safely with a low risk of breakage.  Previously more than 20% of the pots transported were breaking during transportation, while  this new results in no breakages even over the rough dirt roads we have in our region.   
This packaging follows the following procedure,

  1. Putting used boxes or used magazine/newspaper in the bottom of the receptacle bucket
Used papers placed inside the 30 ltr bucket  
2.    Wrap the pot in newspaper and insert in the 30 ltr receptacle bucket.
Tembo filter wrapped with used papers and slowly inserted in the 30 ltr bucket
3.    Wrap another filter pot in newspaper and put it on top of the first pot, as it is in stage 2
A second tembo filter well wraped and placed on top of the first filter pot
4.    Put the lid of the receptacle bucket in place and tie it with rope eg sisal rope
Filter Pot Production Manager Brono Sanga Placing two lids in one bucket
5.     Now pots are ready to be transported to different places via different type of transport eg truck bus or train.
A well packed Tembo filter ready for transport