MSABI Quality Assurance QA team is currently visiting drilling teams in the field to check and monitor the capacity,  effectiveness and efficiency of the new designed drilling bit. The new bit has 7 inch diameter compared to the previous having 6 inches.  The QA team has found that after long term use, bits tend to decrease in diameter due to wear, resulting in a smaller borehole annular space. Also the new PVC manufactures have increased the thickness of the pipes thus leaving very small area for gravel pack installation. This made the QA team to change to the seven inch drilling bit.
New 7'' drilling bits

New bit, front 3'' followed by 5'' and the outer is the new 7'' 
The advantages of this bit includes capturing big layers of aquifers which guarantees borehole yield to its users. Though the demerits is it has increased the labor force required in drilling a borehole and volume of gravel packs.

Also during this rain season the QA team worked very hard despite many parts of the valley being inaccessible for either motorbikes or cars. The below photographs are just a small example of some of the difficult and remote areas reached in the line of work during the current wet season.  
This car failed trying to pass at a flooded road

You have to get on a cart otherwise you must agree to jump in water


This is a wash out that was deceptively deep.  Overnight rains washed out the road and left a large channel, claiming this vehicle.

 As part of the QA procedures, water testing is an very important aspect to ensure we are contributing to improved health and well being of the communities we work with.   Such tests also improve community confidence and Government accreditation of our work.  Water samples are brought to the lab in protected cool boxes and analysis is done by our qualified scientists. MSABI is performing its water tests at the highly accredited  and state of the art research laboratory of Ifakara Health Institute (IHI)

Coded water samples from field

Preparation for mircro-biological testing

Conducting tests

Preparing a membrane pad for incubation and determination of fecal coliforms.

Arsenic test, one of a suite of chemical tests performed