MSABI donates to a local orphanage

Today MSABI made a donation of food and other essential items to a local orphanage in Kikwawila. The Devine Mercy Home for the Aged and Orphanage has 21 children aged between 18 months and 16 years. The orphanage relies on private donations to feed and care for the children but they regularly do not have enough money for the basics. After the MSABI director, Dale Young, visited the orphanage he proposed that MSABI make a donation. MSABI and MDC staff made individual pledges of money which was matched by MSABI to give a donation of goods to the value of TZS 932 000 ($US 570).

Loading the goods to be donated into the car at the MSABI office in Ifakara.

Turn off to the orphanage.
The orphanage is located in the rural area of Kikwawila with the Udzungwa Mountains in the background.
The orphans singing a welcome song. The children's stories are tragic - deaths of mothers at birth, left to beg in the streets because of an intellectual disability and abused and abandoned for being HIV positive.
The orphanages single consistent private donor. Maria is Singaporean and was asked to support the orphanage while undertaking mission work in Tanzania. Since 2006 she has donated thousands from her own earnings from working back in Singapore. She tries to visit the orphanage at least once a year but worries what will happen when she retires and can no longer afford to donate.
Fatuma Matwewe (lab technician) with one of the little boys. The orphanage provides a caring environment for the children to grow up in and supports them until they have completed school or vocational training and are independent.

Sarah Msoffe (sanitation program), Father Dino and children unloading a bag of rice.

MSABI donation consisted of food (rice, maize flour, sugar and oil), hygiene supplies (soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes) bed nets, thongs, cups, cutlery and other essential items.

The children were very happy with their new things.
Naomi Ngendo (sanitation program manager) helps one little girl fit her new thongs.

Fatuma Matwewe, Hashim Mtoi (MDC director) and Sarah Mtoffe help children open their mango juice box treat.
Group photo - Father Sprian (far right) is from India and runs the orphanage day to day.

MSABI and MDC staff should be congratulated for their generosity. There are plans to make more donations to those in need in the community.