MSABI Water Quality Assurance Training

On 15th and 16th of March MSABI conducted field training to staff members on quality assurance for water point installations. The training was done at Mang’ula, Kiberege and Signal villages of Kilombero district. It was facilitated by MSABI director Eng. Dale Young. This training was for the purpose strengthening internal technical capacity and ensuring that the work MSABI does in the field is of high quality.  The MSABI water point QA system incorporates 12 forms, covering hundreds of critical control points. 
Figure 1. Engineer Dale Young, third person from the right, explaining directing training at Mang’ula.

The field training focused on the environmental survey, client application, installation and completion quality assurance forms.  The MSABI team visited a drilling job on the day of casing installation and pump test.  This is a very important process that requires close supervision to ensure success.  They also visited a number of completed rope pump water points and compared the workmanship of various drill teams.  An updated set of installation standards was completed over the training exercises.

 Water quality testing is another step used by MSABI to make sure that all water points installed within communities contain safe and clean water. That means all water points installed by MSABI have been tested for water quality and the results are communicated to the clients.
 Laboratory technicians Miss Fatuma Matwewe and Mr. Liberatus performing water tests at the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) laboratory  

 Product improvement is a key objective of the MSABI team.  This is not restricted to the rope pump, but also includes the Tembo filter pots and sanitation products offered by MSABI.   

Engineer Dale Young and MSABI  fellow workers discussing details regarding the  water point apron

 Considering the current increase in demand for water points from communities, the MSABI team are keen to continuously improve our systems and ensure that the role-out of our 12-point QA system is done professionally by skilled technical staff. 

As a part of training participants were trained on how to use a Geographical Position System (GPS ) device and take geo-tagged photographs