MSABI Mlabani Rope Pump

Benedict Mgubike's families borehole and rope pump is in the final stages of construction in Mlabani, Ifakara. Benedict works for MSABI in the sanitation program and his family are installing a rope pump at their home for the community to use.
Bore drilling complete to 28 m

Naomi Ngendo (sanitation program manager) and Nasibu (MSABI drilling company quality assurance manager) inspect the new larger 7 inch drilling bit

Survey and drilling log

Core samples from the bore lined up along the wall of the house

Flushing the bore
Removing the drilling rig
Cletus (drilling team leader) heating the bore casing to create sockets for joining sections of  pipe

Applying PVC glue to join the casing lengths

Inserting the casing into the bore hole

Adding the gravel pack around the outside of the casing
Kids watch as their rope pump is assembled for flow rate testing