Jake Belvin with #msabi - Series 3 - Filter Pots

#msabi filter pot project.  Upendo Women's Group Leader Ms Pelegria weighs out dried clay and sifted rice husk.
The clay and rice husk is mixed together with a measured volume of water. #msabi filter pots.

The clay/rice mixture is inserted into a special male/female mould and pressed under 3-tonnes of pressure.  #msabi filter pots.

The pressed filter pot is removed from the press and a final clean is completed by hand.  #msabi

The #msabi filter pots are are dried for around 1 week in preparation for firing.
The #msabi filter pot kiln is named Lucy of Lumemo.  The filter pot facility is located near the Lumemo River, Ifakara.
The firing process is rather complicated requiring a staged temperature plan.  #msabi filter pots

The #msabi fired filter pots have a lovely orange terracotta coloration and when tapped ring like a bell. 
From each batch of fired #msabi filter pots, 20% are taken to the laboratory for quality assurance testing.
The #msabi filter pots are tested for flowrate and their ability to remove bacteria.