MSABI Internal Project Management Training

Different  sub project managers listening to a presentation from MSABI Assistant Program Manager Naomi N'gendo
Assistant project manager(Naomi Ng'endo) provided training to MSABI staff on  how to develop a good project plan.  She outlined five (5)  guides  to develop a good project plan:

  1. developing  the project objective
  2. outlining all project activities in line with  objectives
  3. allocate resources
  4. identify timeline/key milestone
  5. implementation of plan. 
Naomi explained the importance of project planning so that the project manager can reach their goals and the organisation achieves their objectives in a reasonable time.  The team enjoyed lunch together, followed by another training session on how to write a blog post.  
Naomi explaining to staff
Staff taking meal during training break
  Posted by Askinia Lyambal.