My name is Bernard Mwingira,new  MSABI Accountant. I joined MSABI by the end of October 2012. Since I have arrived at MSABI I was in the training and probation period of three months from November 2012 to January 2013. During training period I have learned the structure and how Accounting System adopted by MSABI is working.
Finance and Administration Manager explained to me how to post different financial transactions that are taking place every day at MSABI in order to facilitate the running of different projects. I have learned the procedures of making payments to various projects and how to retire these expenses and how to record receipts in the accounting system. The following are some of the procedures of making payments and effective control of money as one of internal control system
  1. When sub-project manager needs some money to finance a certain project  he/she is required to fill in the expenditure request form. He/she should show the purpose of the money requested, the sub-project and from which donor should the money come from.
  2.  Expenditure request form will be sent to the Program Manager or Assistant Program Manager or Finance and Administration Manager for approval, the aim being to check compliance between the project activity budget and grant budget,  if the amount requested is within the sub-project budget Program Manager accepts and authorize, but if  it out of budget or there is any error he/she call for rectification.
  3.  Accountant will disburse the money to sub-project manager as detailed in the request form in form of cash or cheque depending the amount and urgency of the money, but the payment should comply with the accounting manual for whatever case.
  4. Lastly, when the money is already spent for the activities requested, sub-project manager is required to make retirement of the money taken  for not more than 21 days in order to compare between the money given and the amount of money  spent. This is done by filling in the retirement form so as to show  how money spent, also they  have to attach the receipts for the money spent.
  5. Once retirements are done receipts are recorded and posted in the Accounting system called Gnu Cash for generating monthly/quarterly and annual reports. The same order of receipt in the digital form is also filed in hard files and stored for long term records.

Specimen of Gnu Cash Accounting system

Probation and training period is over now, and from February 2013 was confirmed to be a new MSABI Accountant. On assuming my new responsibilities  I will be performing  the main duty of managing and coordinating MSABI accounting system, preparing monthly financial reports,maintain and control cash book,prepare reconciliation of bank statements and assist the core management team in the day to day running of the project by undertaking general tasks as required by the Director, Program Manager, Assistant Program Manager, or Finance and Administration Manager.
Finally I would like to say thank you to Finance and Administration Manager for his cooperation he has shown to me,also thank you all MSABI staff for your cooperation.