MSABI Safe Water Quality Assurance Program

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QA Manager ready for taking water sample for lab test

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Lab scientist testing water sample

MSABI has developed a 10-point quality assurance program for the delivery of sustainable safe water community water points.  There are an estimate 50,000+ abandoned water points across sub-saharan Africa as a result of poor planning, quality of workmanship, and unsustainable ownership/management models.

The MSABI 10-point quality assurance system includes the following sequential steps:
1.    Community client application forms for individualized water point management systems
2.    MSABI environmental assessment and hydrogeological survey
3.    Contractual agreements between client, MSABI and drilling contractor
5.    Pump manufacture quality inspection form
6.    Drilling log forms
6.    Contractor installation record
7.    MSABI field manager inspection procedures/form
8.    Client pump pack and maintenance/repair training
9.    Laboratory water quality testing
10.  Completion report (sent to donors), water point mapping and data entry
*     Ongoing monitoring and evaluation – annual inspections; future live sms pump for life. 

MSABI field officers and engineers are responsible for checking the quality of installed water points by third-party contractors.  The drilling contractors were originally trained and worked with MSABI for the past 3-years.  They have “graduated” and established their own company – MDC drilling.  It is the role of MSABI to ensure that the workmanship done by MDC is of a high standard and meets with our quality checklists.  During field visits MSABI staff check compliance with such things as drilling log and installation records, stated borehole depth vs. actual depth, apron measurements and rope pump alignment. After that the field QA manager takes water sample for laboratory tests. Also the field manager checks if the water point owners have received maintenance and repair training.   The final completion report is filed and a copy sent to the supporting donor. 

MSABI is currently pilot-testing a water point owner maintenance subscription service.  The concept involves sms reporting and maintenance hubs to respond and fix any pump problems to clients.  This ongoing support network, we hope, will improve long term sustainability of water points in our region.
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Checking mechanical stability and  functionality of a rope pump

Pump alignment to the center