Project site : Kidatu/Mkamba football stadium

The Kidatu football team recently were promoted to the first division league in Tanzania.  MSABI is working with the club to help promote safe hygiene and sanitation practices.  We have sponsored a team jersey which has a message on the back for the Tembo Filter Pot.  The team will travel around the country playing fixtures, so it is hoped lots of people will see the jersey and ask questions about the filter pots.  MSABI is also planning to assist the club in providing a new public latrine block in their home sports stadium.  The current facilities are poor with a simple shared pit latrine.  The new public latrines will be used by people attending games at the stadium.  We will also use the opportunity to pilot a new public latrine design that incorporates wastewater treatment and reuse.  Part of this will include the training of local masons on construction techniques - a project sponsored by USAID.   

The site survey visit was  conducted on 30th of February, 2013, by MSABI sanitation project staff. The visit also combined contract signing between the custodian of Mkamba stadium,  the local Public Health Officer and MSABI.   The survey activities included
  • Identifying the actual location of the latrine
  • verifying the availability of water as they had requested a pour flush latrine.
  •  Additional environmental factors that influence construction and siting of the latrine.
There are 2 latrine rooms existing at the football grounds. One room is a urinal and adjacent to it is a simple drop hole. There is no separation of male/female facilities. 
The existing unimproved sanitation facility at the Kidatu Football stadium.  Games sometimes host more than 5,000 spectators.  The existing facility is one unisex drop hole pit latrine with a urinal stall.  MSABI will build a new facility for the stadium that will provide safe and hygienic sanitation.
The general soil profiles existing at that site are a mixture of loam and sandy soils.  

Piped water  connection entering the existing latrine block. Water is available throughout  at the site
The survey results shows there is indeed an opportunity of installing a pour flush latrine at this site as:

  • There is water at this site
  • The soils are condusive for construction activities to be carried out on it.
  • The existing facility is not sufficient for the number of people who would potentially visit the site during sport or other public functions.
Its based on this that MSABI will:
  • Install a 1 room latrine to supplement the existing latrine. 
  • This will also feed into the MSABI  WASH campaign which will be carried out at this stadium, which will include sponsorship of football jerseys for football teams and health message mural painting on the walls of the stadium.

General survey done at Kidatu/Mkamba on 30th January 2013.

In order to have an understanding of the sanitation situation in the larger Mkamba/kidatu area, the project staff member Benedict Mgubike also conducted a transect walk through the areas locally known as Uwanja wa fisi, the kidatu bus stand and kidatu market.
The areas have no designated latrine at either the bus stand or the the market. The traders at the mkamba shopping center during the day use the only available latrine installed at a local brew bar, urinate in a pubic space, or go to their homes. 
The only available public ablution facility poses a public health risk to the residents.  It is located near a waste disposal site. The traditional local brew den is located adjacent to the latrine.
Available 2 room latrine block  at the Mkamba shopping center, used by traders by day and bar patrons by night

Brewing drums stored adjacent to the latrine block.
During the transect walk, it was identified that there is  clearly a need  for latrines and community sensitization on sanitation and hygiene in this area.

Further, several residents on encountering the MSABI project staff expressed demand for a a family home latrine. This was indicated by various people giving their contacts so that follow up discussions on procedure of how to acquire a latrine.  This is encouraging news for the MSABI team as we are planning to roll-out a non-subsidized market based sanitation initiative over the 2nd half of 2013 - funding dependent   If you or your organisation would like to help sponsor this program which aims to establish a sustainable local market, using locally trained masons, for the installation of environmentally sound sanitation with reuse - then please contact us at MSABI.  
The sanitation project staff will  first embark on constructing the 1 room latrine in the stadium and train at least 3 masons during the construction process.  Going hand in hand, the project staff member in collaboration with the area leaders and public health officials will create awareness with an effort to spark further demand in this area.

Posted by Benedict Mgubike