Jake Belvin - MSABI photographs Week 2 - Education

This week we take a look at the great work being undertaken by MSABI community education and drama teams in the field.  Since our education programs commenced in 2010 we have reached over 210,000 community members and school children.

School education programs focus on simple messages such as "wash your hands with soap"

Children love drama performances that have a thread of comedy

School children captivated by the MSABI drama team performance.  The white face paint fellow is playing the part of a water borne disease - in this case typhoid. 
Safe sanitation plays an important part of education

Education manager Santiago Seleman explains how to use a water filter

The MSABI school drama team (background).  MSABI has two drama teams.  One specialises on school programs and the other on community performances.

Song and dance helps capture an audience.  Tanzania loves its own "bongo flava" rap style.