Filter pots marketing and quality assurance

Villagers visiting a promotional truck

During December 2012 MSABI introduced a Christmas special  marketing strategy, with a 50% discount on the normal filter pot price offered to the community.  The marketing strategy included intensive advertising from the local radio station and a truck with a PA system passing in streets giving information on the filter pot.  One reason for the promotion was to increase awareness to the community of the existence of low cost high efficient water filtration methods.  The goal was to sell 100 pots distributed evenly in the big villages of the valley. 84 pots were sold which is 84% of the goal. Also during promotion we used to teach the community on how to use and clean filters. Generally the promotion was successful because many people have never seen the ceramic filters, so it was a great surprise to them.

Pots packed in a truck ready for distribution in different villages

Coming into 2013, we at MSABI are consistently aiming to improve the the quality of filter pots.  Our team has concentrated recently on improving the design and strength of the pot rims. We increased the production time per pot from 15 minutes to 8 minutes.  We have seen the changes this month, the production process is more efficienct and the filter pots are very good so that the buyers will see the value of the money they spend to purchase the filter pots.

Pots ready for silver  application

Pots in the soaking tank ready for a flow rate test prior to sale
Prepared by Bruno Sanga
Filter pot subprogram manager