My name is Fatuma the just selected laboratory scientist. I joined with MSABI for the training course carried in the Ifakara Health Institute research laboratory from 22nd of October  to 21st  of December 2012 and successfully appointed to become a new laboratory scientist from 1st January 2013.  MSABI is a local NGO based in the Kilombero Valley which is committed to preventing water borne disease by installing borehole with rope pumps, safe sanitation, producing filter pots, conducting community Wash education and community engagement. Apart from that, MSABI is also performing various researches and training. The aim of this training is to provide an in-depth practical skills to young laboratory scientists professionals and select from there people with highest performance and great caliber.
My training with MSABI was divided into different aspects such as filter pot production, rota sludge drilling technique, safe environmental sanitation, microbiological test, chemical test and field work. This training prepare trainees to be good thinker, creative, initiative, work under minimal supervision with highest efficient, 
and also make trainees to have habit of learning and team work.

 Two MSABI trainees (Fatuma and Liberatus) performing membrane filtration method to quantify E.coli and other faecal coliform from Namawala water quality study during dry season.

Here the trainees discussing the results after culturing plates of Namawala water quality study conducted during dry season.

 MSABI lab technician’s trainees learning the way of producing ceramic water filter from women Upendo group at Lumemo  Ifakara where there is a filter pots production workshop.

 Ceramic water filters which are already tested their efficiency now ready for sale.

I thank MSABI for their appointment to become the new lab technician. Now am working in performing a research testing the effectiveness of cloth wrapped on the rim of the filter pot to act as a pre-filtration membrane before water gets into the ceramic filter. This will help to prevent end user to insert their hands into the filter pot and large particles to pass direct to the filter and block pot pores and reduce filter pot flow rate and efficiency. Also the cloth which will inhibit algae growth and provide good appearance of filter pot

Prepared by Fatuma and Hija