Ndindiga pump opening

Ndindiga is a village south east of Kiberege which recently had a MSABI rope pump installed. The pump will service 300 people from three communities who are from the Ngindu, Sukuma and Masai tribes. Prior to the installation of the pump the communities were traveling over 10 km to collect river water during the dry season. Then during the wet season they were using surface water from shallow ponds. The tribes had a pump opening celebration which MSABI was invited to. They were particularly thankful that MSABI came to their community as they had not had any NGO assist them in over 50 years.
MSABI education manager Santiago, speaking to the community about the importance of safe water.
Ngindu community members thanking MSABI for their work.
Pump opening! MSABI volunteer Dr Jacqui Thomas cuts the ribbon.
Community leaders sample the first pumped water

Ngindu women take turns testing the new MSABI rope pump

Ngindu women who now have access to good quality water right in their village.
MSABI Field Manager Bruno, and MSABI lab technician Fatuma, enjoying lunch.