Water Testing - Training and Research Activites

MSABI received a welcome addition to the team in October with the arrival of a new volunteer - Jacquie Thomas, PhD.

With extensive water research and field experience, Jacquie's skills and knowledge are valuable to the organisation at this busy time.

Currently she is training two new lab technicians - Fatuma and Liberatus, recent science graduates, are also welcome additions to the team in Ifakara.  The lab staff are working on perfecting methodologies and techniques required to manage water testing activities for MSABI's monitoring and evaluation program.

Fatuma, Jacquie & Liberatus in the Lab at the Ifakara Health Institute
In conjunction with the training, the team are testing water samples collected as part of a research project taking place in Namawala.  The project field work is being managed by Novatus, and will evaluate the water quality of samples taken from different types of water points in the village, and at different times of the year to account for wet and dry season variations.

Novatus, Bruno & Jacquie extract a sample
from a covered well in Namawala
Testing water properties in the field

With the assistance of MSABI field manager Bruno, Novatus has completed stage one of the sample collection, and testing and data analysis work continues back at the laboratory in Ifakara.

Jacquie gives well deserved congratulations to Novatus
as he completes his sample collection at site 90.