Mikochini Rural Community School - MSABI Brings Safe Sanitation

The following photographs were taken at the opening of the Mikochini Primary School Toilet Facility.  The school is located 13km from the nearest road and village of Namwawala.  The area is off-the-beaten-track!  In the wet season the area is completely isolated for between 2-4 months!!!  The community in this area consist largely of Sukuma tribes people who practice basic agriculture cultivation and cattle/goat grazing.  A wild west type shanty village has grown in recent years supporting around 200 families - living in very basic conditions with no power, water or sanitation services.  As a stepping stone to building a formal settlement the community pooled resources to start a local school.  There is no government assistance so the community has to raise funds for construction of the school and also salary for a teacher.  MSABI joined forces to assist in a joint collaboration to build a new toilet block and waste water treatment system.  The construction of the facility was very challenging as all materials had to be transported using bicycles and tractors over bush tracks.  The children are very polite and seem excited to have the opportunity for education.  Whilst their school building is being built they take classes under a grass roof hut.  The project was managed by our Kenyan Engineer Ms Naomi Ng'endo and local builder Stanislaus Barra.  Congratulations to the Mikochini Community and well done to Naomi and the MSABI team!!!